Backflow Prevention

You may not have heard of Backflow Preventers, but there is one or likely several in every building in BC. Backflow Preventers perform an extremely important safety function in protecting our potable water systems. In short, these devices act as safety barriers against siphonic action in case of a loss in water pressure. So, for example, if the water service pipe outside of your home is damaged and leaking, this device prevents the water that is in your home from being sucked back into the main water service, therefore limiting the transfer of contaminants. Inside buildings, they are often used to separate potable water systems from water that may be treated with chemicals, or water that may be exposed to bacterial contamination.  It is easy to imagine the importance of this function in cases such as natural disasters or accidents.

In British Columbia, every city and municipality has a requirement for annual backflow testing to ensure that these devices are functioning correctly. Failure to comply will often lead to reprimand and fines from authorities in charge. Keeping track of this process can be burdensome, especially if you are dealing with buildings with multiple backflows preventers. Luckily, you can pass this responsibility on to our team.