Fancy Shower Install

There is hardly ever a dull moment on the higher-end scale of bathroom fixtures. After 20 years of experience in this particular aspect of home building, we often still walk on to a job to find new technology, new fixtures, and unique arrangements. Luckily this kind of project is our bread and butter, and we take extreme care to deliver impeccable results for every single client.

This home on Eyremount Dr. (North Shore) is one such example of intricate design and installation. In an age where everything is connected and remotely controlled through an app, why not your shower diverter? Must say, being able to start a steam bath from bed would be great incentive to actually get out of said bed.

Installing this beast of a shower system took two guys working several days, and more than a few phone calls to tech support to make sure all the various components were correctly installed and accounted for.