Luxury Home – Pool and Hot Tub

Our project on Highbury st, Vancouver is one the bigger homes we’re currently working on. The house is three stories plus a basement. The home has 8 full bathrooms, 4 powder rooms, and is heated with radiant piping all throughout. In addition, the house has a 25m swimming pool and hot tub in the basement. Needless to say the mechanical room required to serve all the various systems in this house needs to be robust and incredibly well designed to ensure peak performance and efficiency.

Originally we had planned two separate systems for this house, one for domestic water and heating, and the other for the pool. After consulting with our heating techs, and the client we decided to combine both systems into one. This is made slightly more challenging because the pool will be using salt water, which requires a whole set of parameters in order to mitigate its corrosive properties.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with how this house turned out! It was our dream to build this home for multiple generations of our family and it turned out exactly as we wanted. The infinity hot tub, pool, and spa is a favourite of all the family.”